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Kiddo: A term of endearment

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        Appreciation of Winchester genes

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Jensen on set 07/08/14  x


Jensen on set 07/08/14  x

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dean considers himself a pretty good guy, a fun guy. at his core is family and love, and dean loves to have fun, so when his birthday rolls around, he’s pretty excited to celebrate and go out, have a couple of beers and play some pool, eat some pie. but another part of him really wants sam to be…

Rose started it. Without her the entire thing wouldn’t even exist. 💜

The only good thing that came out of my words :)


Oh hey look, elenya and I met


Oh hey look, elenya and I met

samknitchester replied to your post “I want to pet Sam Winchester’s hair and ask him if he ever thought…”

i want to say that any one season would be best but… nope. maybe 9 when he’s losing dean and extra vulnerable or 8 when he’s weak from the trials (and possibly extra cuddly). also basically when his hair is longest

Season one, when Sam gets back on the road after Stanford and falls back way too easily into a routine that involves classic rock and questionable stains on motel’s carpets. When Dean is so beautiful, overly confident, a cocky smirk always at the corners of his mouth. 

Season two, when John still casts a shadow between them even when he’s dead, and Sam watches helplessly Dean fall into a spiral of self-loathing he’ll never get out of, smiling only when he looks into his brother’s eyes, and Sam has to wonder what he sees there.

Season three, when time slips between his fingers and Dean wears a transparent mask, where he sweats fear and where Sam feels helpless, where he watches a death that smells like sulfur coming towards his brother.

Season four, when Dean crawls out of Hell, four decades of torture embedded in his brain and a blinding smile on his face when he sees his brother again.

Season five, where the fate of humanity depends on a three letters word: “yes”.

Season six, where Sam has to face who he’s been without a soul, shame and anger building inside him, feeling guilty of acts he never committed, and where Dean, as always, doesn’t walk away.

Season seven, when his mind is a minefield, the consequences of his sacrifice taking the shape of the devil, while black goo swallows the world.

Season eight, where he finally starts to feel pure, to make amends for offenses he doesn’t remember committing. Where he willingly slices into his own skin, leaving his blood cleaning his imaginary stained slate. “Let it go brother”.

Season nine, when it’s too late, when the blood is still drying on his fingers, when Dean isn’t there anymore.