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I’m so fucking done with that, you know who you are let me tell you you are a piece of shit and I pity you but I will never, ever, accept an apology. Go ot hell.


So the stunning Rose ( amenpadaleski ) tagged me, so you all get a few pics of my face.

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Me from ‘09 to just a few weeks ago :P I think I’m sticking with the red for a while :D (ps. the blue dress belongs to my friend Mark who is 6’2” and the first time I wore it, even with 4” heels, I ended up tangling in it and falling on my face :D)

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There will be claws instead of fingers, and fangs instead of teeth. Growls and screams, cold blood on your chin. There will be anger, and the ghost of a kiss. He’ll become a monster to everyone but you, three words, a shelter: I love you.


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So this is some sort of a tag….where you have to post pictures of your face…there aren’t many details tbh so I’m just guessing what the rules are.

Also keep in mind I don’t like people taking pictures of me and I’m much more comfortable hiding behind my camera so here’s a collection of me either awkwardly trying to pose or making faces…I’m so sorry.


1) me and my best friend (Špela) infront of this thing we had to do for a grade in high school (you had to organize an event, so we basically did a Valentine’s day photoshoot of couples at a mall, infront of a decoration thing that we did.

2) Me and Špela (yes again. she’s on most of the pictures and she’ll kill me if she ever sees this) in San Marino, Italy

3) Me and Špela’s sister when they decided I should learn how to snowboard (aka me being a complete klutz and falling on my ass every 5 minutes)

4) Dumb faces and dumb orange hair I had in like 2011?

5) Faces again…

6) This was taken on my birthday, this year. The cat didn’t want me to pet her :’(

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All-time favourite pictures of Jared/Jensen (x)

I am in a lot of pain right now and it’s buticancarryyou's fault.