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My favorite butts

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buticancarryyou replied to your post “what’s your real name?”

It’s Cutie, anon. Because #roseiscute

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Apricot juice is like nectar of the gods - no wonder you love it, you Goddess!

Takes one to know one ;) BUt I AGREE IT is THE nectar of the gods

buticancarryyou replied to your post “Tag Game: I was tagged by buticancarryyou granni Karri 1. Name?:…”

paprika’s amazing.

It’s my favorite word UwU

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Anonymous asked: what's your real name?

I’m afraid you’ll have to stay with rose

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Tag Game:

I was tagged by buticancarryyou granni Karri

1. Name?: Rose

2. Nickname?: Rose isn’t my real name so it’s a nickname too, with Rosie

3. Birthday?: July 12th

4. Gender?: Female

5. Sexuality?: Be nice and make me laugh

6. Height?: 1,73m

7. Time Zone?: Greenwich +1

8. What is the time and date there?: 7:09pm, September 2nd

9. Average hours of sleep?: ~6hrs

10. OTP’s?: Sam/Dean for the win

11. First word to come to mind?: paprika

12. Last thing I said to my family?: Merci (thank you), to my sister

13. One place that makes you happy and why?: The beach I grew up near. Because I know every little hidden space and because you have hills and it makes me feel alive.

14. How many blankets do you sleep under?: One

15. Favorite beverage?: Apricot juice

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He’s waiting. He stopped breathing three hours ago, when Sam’s thumb left his collarbone. His body isn’t his, hasn’t ever been. Sam is sleeping next to him, and Dean watches. He looks at Sam’s hands and feels his bones shaking inside his body. It’s been three hours and there isn’t enough air. He’s anxious, afraid to move because his body doesn’t know where to carry him except in Sam’s direction. So he waits, and he watches.

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Anonymous asked: Not true not true. I love Sam, I don't like dean. He's too arrogant for me. Though I do see your point, I don't agree. Shipping is def not part of the show though, it's absolutely about the brothers. True true

You don’t love Sam.


Jared Padalecki ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (x)

Jensen was clearly enjoying this too much.

2.07 | The Usual Suspects

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