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They are brothers after all (and revenge is sweet~)


They are brothers after all (and revenge is sweet~)

We spend way too much time around each other.

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omg what a freakin cutie


omg what a freakin cutie

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If you want to be hot, get hugged by Jared (, )

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But don’t you think those things he says, come from somewhere? and this somewhere is deep down, the darkest place of Dean? we all have twisted feelings here and there, but we know how to filter them and put it in the right place. DD doesn’t. [imo]

I think those things come from what he knows will hurt people most. Because he’s a demon, and I don’t think any of the things he said are things Dean thinks. I don’t give them any credit in that regard. I think he picks what he says from his understanding of how people react, Sam being the main character targeted by it. He knows Sam because he is in Dean’s body. I don’t think he says those things because they are words Dean kept hidden in the darkest corners of his mind. I think he says what he knows will be the most painful to hear, because he is a demon and that’s what they do. [imo too :)]

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Well, I tag it as you mentioned, and to be frank, as ugly as it is, it IS Dean. It’s Dean with his humanity removed. When they say ‘Dean is dead’, it’s (to me) an analogy. Because Dean (as we know him) is dead, because his humanity isn’t intact.

To me demon!Dean is not in any way connected to Dean as we know him. I understand that he is “him” with a twisted soul (if I’m correct), and to me, that humanity is not damaged, it is gone. Which is why I don’t say it’s Dean. It’s his body, and that’s all, in my opinion. I mean, to me it is not that different from Sam not having his soul because you can lose it with it still in your body. I know we can’t compare the two because it is really different, and there are sooooo many things that forbid this comparison, but I mean in terms of how much of their real personalities is left, I consider the situations close. It makes me uncomfortable to tag soulless!sam with sam, and it’s the same with demon!dean. It’s just my op though, and according to how you see those situations, you can very well say it’s Dean. I just disagree :) 


jared and jensen being cuties at jib con 2014 [x]

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I started doing it since before the first episode, and now, it feels like such a job to change it lol, so I keep doing it even though I feel bad about it, because it’s not dean, like you said.

I don’t know, I get worked up about that when it’s not a big deal haha. But yeah, I mean, Dean is dead so… (but it is indeed a real pain in the butt to change a tag you used for a long time)

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good point

the little things that are not that important but upset me - a novel ^^

I do it solely because he’s not being possessed. I also tag soulless sam stuff as “sam winchester”. Not to say that demon!dean or soulless!sam are fully themselves, but there isn’t a secondary character physically controlling all their movements.

I understand what you’re saying and it’s a system that, if it works for you, is fine, but I’m having a difficult time with i. With Soulless!Sam, it’s very difficult to know how much of Sam is left, if anything is, at all… Without a soul, he’s just a walking corpse, basically, and I temperate that only because soulless!sam’s behavior makes me believe that on a (maybe unconscious) level, he still cared (just look at how soulless people behaved in s9). And Demon!dean is no better. To me, Dean is dead, plain and simple. 
There isn’t a secondary character controlling their movements but they are definitely not action like themselves. They wouldn’t do any of the things they did while soulless/demonic. I get your reasoning (and after all it’s only a tag), but I gotta say I disagree.


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On a side note, maybe this is not that important but why are we tagging Demon!dean posts with dean winchester because he is as much Dean as Sam was Sam when Lucifer was possessing him.